Saturday, May 21, 2011

French Fridays with Dorie: Bacon and Eggs and Asparagus Salad

Bacon and Eggs and Asparagus Salad

No posts since February, and now two in one day? Sure, both are a day late, but do we really need to talk about that?  I made this week's selection for French Fridays with Dorie, an asparagus salad with bacon and eggs, on Thursday and hoped to have the post up yesterday, but it didn't quite happen.  On the positive side, this recipe is not just idling on my camera somewhere, like so many previous FFwD recipes that I never quite managed to post (hello beef daube, chocolate mousse cake, orange almond tart, and Basque tortilla).

sizzling bacon

As I said in my last post, I had some very exciting news that was sapping much of my energy and occupying my mind, but I have been looking forward to getting back to Around My French Table. I was looking forward to this recipe because I love bacon, eggs, and asparagus. Alas, it seems that my asparagus adoration has been put on hold, because I was not exactly feeling those green stalks. It seems that I have developed a (temporary, I hope) pickiness about certain foods.

toasting walnuts, simmering asparagus

Even though I was not loving the asparagus, I did enjoy the salad with vinaigrette, bacon, walnuts, and egg. Dorie gives us an easy technique for perfectly cooked eggs, and makes the salad very convenient by explaining what we can make ahead. It made a perfect light dinner along some jalapeño cheddar scones that I baked from the freezer.  I know that I will be making versions of this salad (sans asparagus, for now) throughout the summer.    

For this recipe, and so many more, pick up a copy of Around My French Table.  Also, be sure to visit the French Fridays with Dorie site to see how everyone else is enjoying this French cooking journey (or to join in!).


  1. Your recipe turned out lovely. Those scones sound wonderful too.
    I thought the salad was very good, hubby and I both enjoyed it.
    Tricia passed on this week's recipe due to a full schedule, but hopes
    to try it soon. Your photos are very nice.

  2. Welcome back! We really enjoyed this salad, too. You're also not the only one with some languishing photos. Since it's a long weekend here, I'm planning to do a catch up post about the recipes I've missed.

  3. Welcome back. Sometimes, catching up is hard to do! Glad you enjoyed it for the most part. The scones were a great accompaniment.